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Who are The Lawn Boys?

We’re a bunch of hard-working, nature-lovin’ gardeners who aren’t afraid to flex our muscles, yet get a quiet thrill feeling a plush lawn between our toes. We have mud wedged in our nails and skin tougher than elephant hide, yet can’t resist the waft of a good blossom in spring. Our fingers are greener than cucumbers (literally), we love fertiliser more than our mamma’s cooking and we firmly believe wide-brimmed hats serve their place on a high UV day.

Our Services


For agencies and property owners needing fast, reliable garden services to style, clean-up and do last minute fixes for both rental and sale properties.

Gardening Landscaping

For all your garden services, we pour our sweat, blood, tears and pride into your garden to make it look great all year round.

Gardens For New Homes

A range of stylish garden packages to complete your newly built home. Pick according to land size, lifestyle and budget - or get a quote for your own custom design.

Why trust us for your gardening services?

  • Our hands may be hardened, but our grass is as lush as velvet
  • We may not be poets, but we can name almost every plant and flower on earth
  • Your garden is your temple, we are merely its keeper
  • Our fingers may lack delicacy when it comes to making souffles, but they can trim your hedges into a perfect circle
  • We don’t claim to be creators of the planet, but we can create a wicked garden

Because great looking gardens take a little care and a lot of muscle.

We get that the best gardens come from a sweet contrast of heavy lifting and tender loving care. From new designs to complete garden care and rejuvenations, we pour a decade’s experience and a love of nature into our work, so you get a garden you want to spend time in.

For a great looking garden all year round.